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TransCanada Trail (TCT)

Craik Trails Brochure (page 1)

Craik Trails Brochure (page 2)

The concept of the Trans Canada Trail was conceived by the Canada 125 Corporation in 1992 as a legacy project. This organization was set up to celebrate Canada's 125th year in Confederation. The construction of the Trans Canada Trail is completed through local groups who plan, design, build and maintain the trail within their own communities. The Trans Canada Trail is the most ambitious volunteer-based trail building endeavour in Canadian history.  It will wind its way through every province and territory, spanning 18 000 km and linking hundreds of communities. When completed, it will be one of the longest recreational trails in the world.

The Craik community currently has the opportunity to become a part of the TCT system and could therefore take advantage of the economic opportunities that ride or walk into town. It will help communities become more inviting and memorable tourist destinations. As well, participation in this initiative will make the Craik community a better place for its own residents to live, work and play.

Basic elements of a “Trail” strategy include:

•  Welcoming trail users by making information about the community readily available  
•  Enticing trail users to get off the trail and into towns
•  Making a strong and safe connection between  town and trail
•  Educating local businesses on the economic benefits of meeting trail
    tourists’ needs
•  Recruiting new businesses or expanding existing ones to fill gaps in the
   goods or services that trail users need
•  Promoting the “trail-friendly” character of the town
• Working with neighboring communities to promote the entire trail
               corridor as a tourist destination.

Trails are a valuable asset to a community. They provide the basis for free recreation for people of all ages and fitness levels. They offer opportunities to study nature and local history. They create the possibility of economic advantage for local businesses.


Trail around Arm Lake

The reservoir trail concept was led by Three Rivers Trail Association (TRTA). A trail on the west side of Arm Lake has been surveyed, mapped and utilized.

The trail goes north from the Eco-Centre to the Birding Site, then onward to the north through Wilkins pasture and to the Wilkins Reserve at the north end of the lake.

To continue this trail to loop back along the east side of the lake to the regional park and the Eco-Centre, a bridge or crossing over the Arm River is needed.

Don Wilkins has worked on the approach of the trail to the west of the river. Meetings have been held with Oceans and Fisheries, which is willing to give the go-ahead as soon as they are presented with definite plans (drawings) of what the plan is. Funding will need to be secured as well. Continuing the trail building (including bridge building) is an ongoing project that needs some enthusiatic volunteers to join in the effort.

(content taken from www.craik.ca/trta/TRTANewsNo15rev.pdf).


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