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Craik Solar Fair 2010

Straw Light Clay Workshop July 6-8, 2012

Craik, SK

What is Straw Light Clay?
Simply put, Straw Light Clay is the combination of straw and natural earth clay. It's origins date back to Germany and other European countries with some structures still standing and being utilized after 700 years. SLC (Straw Light Clay) can be described as a cross between straw bale construction and cob.

How is Straw Light Clay Made? Straw bales are broken apart and then mixed into a slurry of natural earth clay and water at a ratio of 90% straw to 10% clay. The wet clay acts as a binder to hold and form the wall. This mixture is then placed into forms built around the structure and then packed. Within minutes, the forms can be removed and placed higher for the next batch. The resulting wall structure is ready for plaster "as is" with no other work required. Because the straw is used loosely, square bales are not required which means cheaper, more readily available round bales can be used.
Like Straw bale, SLC has a high insulating value. Like Cob, it is loose and easily conforms so holes, stuffing problems, and trimming around structure is a non issue. This method of construction also lends itself well to modernized equipment which can make construction much faster. All materials required are simple, local, and environmentally conscientious from start to finish.


The Project:
The above photo was a 7000 sq ft straw bale building being constructed in 2009. During a windstorm in spring of 2010, the partially built structure was damaged beyond repair. This project will consist of reconstruction of the 2000 sq ft section shown on the right 1/3rd of the photo.

Hands-on training on traditional hand mixing as well as modernized mix methods of SLC Hands-on training in setting forms, and placing SLC as well as hand sculpting with SLC Participation in mixing and applying natural and modified plasters with tested recipes proven to withstand Canadian weather Tour & discussion of off grid living & explanation of solar and wind systems 3 full days of work & fun.

Cost: $225 / person

Course Instructors: Kelly & Audrey Taylor-Faye

Course Location: Lot #4 - Craik Eco-Village, Craik, SK

Times & Dates:

Thurs, July 5: Evening Meet & Greet around campfire 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Fri, July 6 - 9:00 am - 6:00 pm: Course

Fri, July 6 - 7:00 pm: Tour of off grid living followed by campfire till 10 pm

Sat, July 7 - 9:00 am - 6:00 pm: Course followed by campfire till 10 pm

Sun, July 8 - 10 am - late afternoon: Course Completion

Lodging & Meals:

Camping available onsite

Craik Regional Park

Praxis International School (dorm-style, breakfast and other meals available) - Brent (306) 664-0500

C&T Motel - Ph: (306) 734-2476

Applicants will be responsible for most of their own meals. Some meals will be provided.

Update: Supper Friday and Saturday will be provided. BBQ's on-site. CSLP will sponsor one of the suppers, and Riverstone Studios will sponsor the other.

To Register:

Crystal Stinson
Ph: (306) 734-7737, email: info@craikecovillage.com


Shirley Eade
Ph: (306) 734-2605, email: eade@sasktel.net


(pdf poster of workshop)


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